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MJS Grid Services are a trusted and market recognised grid services company, we specialise in all things electrical grid across all industries. We recognise that each client has very specific requirements and tailor our approach and services accordingly.

We have been involved in more than 500MW of connections over the last 5 years from one-off dwellings to large scale solar installations and everything in between.

Our experience from working within one of the leading UK Distribution Network Operators, to developing and constructing multiple energy based projects, is relatively unique within the grid market. This history and knowledge is what our clients value the most, especially when it comes to delivering successful connections again and again.

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EV, Gas Peaking Plants

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Case Study

We call MJS when we have a grid related problem that we don’t know how to resolve!

In the two years that we have been trading Reliance Energy have made over 300 grid applications and accepted over 40 of them. We are very efficient when dealing with DNOs and have become extremely fluent in the language of grid connections. BUT, when we don’t know what to do, we call Keir and his team.

They have consistently helped us to meet deadlines that we thought were unachievable and to secure connections that our efforts alone were unable to secure.  They are always helpful, proactive and willing to share their expertise with us.  Simply put, they get things done that others can’t – making them great for our business.

Neil Drake, Director
Reliance Energy

Case Study

Keir advised us on grid connection matters in relation to six 1.2 ROC Solar Schemes financed by Octopus that had to connect before the 31 March 2017 deadline. The connection pressure was high due to the subsidy cliff.

Throughout the process Keir mixed technical expertise with commercial understanding and his knowledge of how DNOs work and relationships with these DNOs was really valuable.

The scope of the engagement shifted around quite a bit and Keir was always flexible to accommodate these changes, bringing in additional resources from his network of grid consultants when required to assist with specific challenges where others had particular expertise or contacts that could add value to the engagement.
An excellent job – all 6 projects hit the deadline and Keir was an instrumental part in achieving this, he had a solution to every problem or knew someone else who did.

Harry Manisty, Investment Director
Octopus Investments

Case Study

We’ve worked with Keir and MJS Grid Services over the last 5 years on numerous Energy projects. They have provided various services as we’ve needed them, including Project Management, DNO Liaison, ICP management and also problem solving when required! They’ve shown a real pro-active approach to their work and have made a difference on a number of our projects; they’ve become our go-to guys when we need Grid related assistance.

Keir’s intimate knowledge of how the DNO’s work, specifically with their legal requirements, the contacts within these businesses and their very ‘specific’ behaviours, allowed us to successfully move forward on a number of projects which we would have struggled with otherwise.

Paul Lazarevic, Chief Operating Officer
Plutus Powergen

Case Study

I first met Keir when working opposite him on a UK Power Networks Site, his knowledge and negotiation skills impressed me.

When I found out that Keir had moved into a new role we kept in touch and was so pleased that he came to work with us as a Consultant.

I value his opinions and he has become invaluable to my group of companies. I would highly recommend Keir and feel that his skills would assist both small and large businesses.

Stuart Bradshaw, Chief Executive
Push Group

Case Study

Keir is an integral part of our Development Team.

His relationships and knowledge of the DNO’s and the intricacies of the UK Electricity network have been invaluable for us.

Across all of our developments, Keir’s enthusiasm and knowledge has allowed us to ensure that we are not wasting time and effort on schemes which aren’t able to proceed.

Peregrine Fraser, Chief Commercial Officer
Edge Power