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Providing grid connections since 2016

MJS was formed by Keir Spiller in March 2016 to provide a service to a niche market place. Keir has been providing advice and support for parties engaging with the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) for the last 18 years.

Since forming the company, we have been fortunate enough to work with some of the leading companies in both the generation and more traditional building arenas.

Due to our extensive contacts and strong relationships, we have also had significant success in achieving refunds, reductions and alterations to designs on schemes, whilst achieving significant cost savings for our clients.

We are all about building new relationships and helping clients achieve their connection requirements. Get in touch to see how we can help streamline your next project.


Keir Spiller

The power behind MJS Grid Services

Keir has spent most of his career working for a UK based DNO – UK Power Networks, where he learnt about the electricity network from the ground up. The knowledge he had gained allowed him to progress within the business into the Major Connections team. During this period, Keir was fortunate to have spent significant amounts of his time working alongside multiple Generation customers, including Key accounting, one of the largest UK based Solar companies. He was also able to work with internal partners to help facilitate connections in new and different ways.

After 15 years at UK Power Networks, Keir was offered the opportunity to join one of the UK’s largest Solar developers (Solarcentury) in the summer of 2015 as Head of Grid.

Whilst at Solarcentury, Keir noticed an opportunity in the market to provide parties with grid support services, from managing the grid application process (from conception to energisation) for clients, to liaising with DNO’s and ICPs and challenging the costs and designs on schemes. This, together with the recognition from his peers for making a significant impact to Solarcentury, encouraged Keir to take the opportunity to branch out and form MJS Grid Services.

Case Study

I first met Keir when working opposite him on a UK Power Networks site, his knowledge and negotiation skills impressed me.

When I found out that Keir had moved into a new role we kept in touch and was so pleased that he came to work with us as a Consultant.

I value his opinions and he has become invaluable to my group of companies. I would highly recommend Keir and feel that his skills would assist both small and large businesses.

Stuart Bradshaw,
Chief Executive
Push Group

Case Study

Keir is an integral part of our Development Team.

His relationships and knowledge of the DNOs and the intricacies of the UK Electricity network have been invaluable for us.

Across all of our developments, Keir’s enthusiasm and knowledge has allowed us to ensure that we are not wasting time and effort on schemes which aren’t able to proceed.

Peregrine Fraser,
Chief Commercial Officer
Edge Power